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Tours that offer a glimpse into the history and geology of the mines.

Discover The True Beauty That Lies Below The Surface.

Why Take A Tour?

At White Gravel Mines, we understand that some may seek to learn more about the behind-the-scenes history of the mines. We seek to provide the unique opportunity to everyone that wants to learn more. By taking our tour, you will:

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Dive deeper into the stories and significance behind each event with insights only our expert guides can provide.

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Explore parts of the mines not typically open to the public, uncovering hidden gems and breathtaking underground formations.

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Engage with the history and spirituality of the mines in a more intimate setting, allowing for personal reflection and discovery.

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Interested In A Tour With Tom?

Take a tour of the underground with the owner/steward of the White Gravel Mines to explore its mysterious and dark passages. Learn the history and geology of the mines and if you like find out what “total darkness” is really like.

All Of Our WGM Adventures.

Outside of the seasonal productions, White Gravel Mines Adventures offers a unique off-shoot of the non-profit ministry known as White Gravel Mines Adventures. This includes off-season attractions at the unique location of the White Gravel Mines. These wholesome, family-oriented attractions will be made available to our visitors to schedule for a reasonable fee with the proceeds ultimately going to support the continued mission of the White Gravel Mines.

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Behind-The-Scenes Tour

Step behind the scenes and explore how we bring your favorite events to life. Our exclusive tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the story of White Gravel Mines and the wonder behind our unique events, perfect for anyone eager to learn more.

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Book a unique venue for birthdays or other special gatherings. There is great space available with picnic seating, flat concrete floors, and even a nice fire ring located just outside the entrance to the mines. Space is available for small or even very large groups.

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