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Ready to Experience the True Essence of Easter?

Discover A Journey Of Reflection & Renewal!

Launched in 2020, The Easter Cave at White Gravel Mines is our newest event offering to our local community. The Easter Cave is an amazing way to reflect on what Jesus did as you walk through the tunnels that highlight the Life of Christ.

At White Gravel Mines, we value the transformative impact of spiritual teaching and its role in guiding life's choices. Missing our events means missing out on unique, enlightening experiences that challenge and grow your spiritual understanding. We invite you to join us, to explore these engaging narratives that not only entertain but also deeply educate on the spiritual path.

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See The Wonder Of The Cave.

Witness the experiences that you will encounter at the cave through our gallery page. All of our images perfectly reflect the scenes that you will view as you walk through the caves.

Your One-Stop Hub For The Easter Cave.

Embark on a transformative journey through the Easter Cave, where the story of hope, resurrection, and new beginnings unfolds. Admission is complimentary, as we believe in making this joyous event accessible to everyone. While there is no obligation, donations are warmly appreciated and help us continue creating these wonderful experiences.

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What To Expect

The Easter Cave

The Easter Cave is one of our most exciting and informative events we have to offer! Embark on a serene journey through the cave, on a path that unfolds over approximately 3/4 of a mile, designed to be traversed in 45 minutes to an hour. For those interested in a group or field trip experience, we have a special date set aside: April 11th, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, with limited availability. We encourage you to call ahead to reserve your space.

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2024 Schedule

The Easter Cave

Embark on a festive journey this 2024 at The Easter Cave! Our incredible event runs from:

April 4th & 5th: 3pm - 9pm

April 11th & 12th: 3pm - 9pm

April 19th & 19th: 3pm - 9pm

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Where We Are Located

The Easter Cave

Situated at the core of White Gravel Mines in scenic Minford, Ohio, the Easter Cave offers an ideal setting for your spiritual journey. With its’ easy to find location, the caves provide a much needed retreat from the daily grind.

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Food Vendors

The Easter Cave

Enhance your experiences at the cave with a variety of delicious treats and drinks from our handpicked food vendors.

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Luke 5 Adventures

The Easter Cave

We aim to ensure that every visitor can experience the wonder of The Easter Cave, regardless of mobility challenges. Luke 5 Adventures is a wonderful organization that has offered to help those in need to be able to traverse the caves!


Sign Up

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How To Contact Us

The Easter Cave

Have questions or need more information? Our friendly team is here to help! For general inquiries or specific requests, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Plan Your Visit.

Scioto Ribber

Scioto Ribber


20.5 Miles Away

Patties and Pints

Patties & Pints


20.7 Miles Away

Giovannis Pizza

Giovanni's Pizza (Minford)


5.7 Miles Away


See What Our Community Says About The Easter Cave.

Why just take our word for it when you can hear it straight from folks who've explored The Easter Cave themselves? Our community's raving about their visits, sharing stories that'll get you excited for what's in store. Trust us, their tales of awe and wonder are all the proof you need that an unforgettable adventure awaits you at The Easter Cave!

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The Easter Cave


This was my family's first but certainly not last visit. We all loved the displays. More importantly, the messages were so moving. When you visit you must take the time to read everything. So beautifully done. Thanks to all for their hard work. We pack our weeks leading to Christmas with many displays and events and this was our family's favorite!

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The Easter Cave


Really enjoyed the Easter Cave it was really done well. I'm at amazement with all the Statues. They were all done by hand and you all have out done yourselves!! Such a wonderful job, me and my family truly enjoyed ourselves such a great job!!!

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The Easter Cave


If you want to know the true story about Easter, this is a must. Really great place to go. You do have to read and walk on somewhat uneven grounds but it was worth it.
On the way to the cave, we ran into down trees. Found that many car were going to the cave so after we all helped clearing the trees, we got to the cave. It showed to me how much people truly care about getting to this cave at this time of the year. The true story must live on, and no one can stop that story.

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