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2024 Events

Easter Caves

4th Annual Easter Cave

The Easter Cave is an amazing way to reflect on what Jesus did as you walk through the tunnels that highlight the Life of Christ.

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2024 Dates:

March 15 & 16: 3pm-9pm

March 22 & 23: 3pm-9pm

March 29 & 30: 3pm-9pm

Limited Mobility Assistance Available


Luke 5 Adventures is a wonderful organization who has offered to help those in need to be able to traverse the caves!

This is offered for the Easter Cave

  • March 22

  • March 23

See For Yourself!


Vendors (Cash & Card)

  • Free admission, although donations appreciated 

  • Please allow 45 minutes to an hour to walk through the display (roughly 3/4 of mile in length)

  • Benches have been placed throughout the display for your convenience

  • Porta pots located on site

  • Service/therapy animals ONLY

All American Brothers Bar B Cue

All American Brothers Bar-B-Cue

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Olde Cabin Kettle Corn

Olde Cabin Kettle Corn

Muddy River Coffee

Muddy River Coffee

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Easter Cave Gift Shop

Easter Cave Gift Shop

Don't forget to check out our gift shop located at the exit of the exhibits! (cash or card accepted)

Important Information

**Due to the nature of the property (uneven, gravel surfaces inside and out, with hills from parking lots to entrance) we are NOT handicap accessible. We are working on a solution for this issue!**

*Reservations only needed for mobility assistance through Luke 5 Adventures and Field trip hours

Cavern of Choices

Cavern of Choices: Live Drama

Logo Cavern of Choices.jpg
  • Rated PG-13 due to the intense nature/content of scenes. (Not recommended for children under the age of 10)

  • Limited reservations for groups of 10 or more available. 

  • Free admission

  • Food vendors onsite

In 2011 The White Gravel Production Team, created the first annual production inside the underground tunnels of the mines called “Cavern of Choices.” The live-action drama boasts a cast and crew of over 50 people and reenacts teenage rendezvouses at the mines involving drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, violence, drinking and driving, and suicide. Partly inspired by CS Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters, the production presents a unique Christian perspective concerning the importance of good life decisions and the consequences of bad ones. The free show has been a phenomenal success each year, attracting thousands of visitors with hundreds professing of its life-changing impact.

By using a good vs. evil concept and revealing it from evil’s perspective of persuasion, our stories have dramatic effects on our visitors. Frankly, people are tired of being told to do good all the time and just need the freedom to do what they want every now and then. Our eccentric tour guide will help you understand how that works and will put you at ease during the show through the dark passageways of the mines. He’ll make sure that everyone chooses to make this night one that they’ll never forget. Oh, and we hope you’re not afraid of the dark.

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2024 Dates:

October 5: 3pm-11pm

October 12: 3pm-11pm

Christmas Caves

The Christmas Cave

Logo Christmas Cave.png

The Christmas Cave was first offered in 2016 and has quickly grown into our most visited event.  Tens of thousands have made this unique telling of the Savior’s birth part of their annual Christmas tradition.  In 2021 the Easter Cave was added to tell the rest of the Lord’s Story focusing on his death, burial and resurrection as well as his acts as recorded in the Gospels.

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2024 Dates:

November 22 & 23: 4pm-10pm

November 29 & 30: 4pm-10pm

December 13 & 14: 4pm-10pm

December 20 & 21: 4pm-10pm

December 6 & 7: 4pm-10pm

Limited Mobility Assistance Available


Luke 5 Adventures is a wonderful organization who has offered to help those in need to be able to traverse the caves!

This is offered for the Christmas Cave

  • TBA

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