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About the Caves

Who We Are

White Gravel Mines Productions is a 501(3)c Religious Non Profit that was founded to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through dramatic educational events offered free to the public at the White Gravel Mines located in Minford, Ohio

White Gravel Mines, Minford, Ohio

History of the Caves


The White Gravel Mines of Minford, Ohio began as a white quartz gravel mine (part of the geologic layer referred to as the

Sharon Conglomerate) from under the hills of south central Ohio at the beginning of the 20th century. Men used the power of dynamite and muscle to burrow out a living supplying the gravel and sand to the growing industrial needs of the region. The mines were worked through the 1970s after which they were abandoned and faded to memory except to the local kids and others drawn to their dark mystery. 

State and county officials helped the owners seal the openings when “Hippies” took up residence in the mines. While this

eliminated permanent occupancy, young people and nefarious groups continued to find their way in.


In the spring of 2009, the property passed into the stewardship of White Gravel Mines Productions and was dedicated to the promotion of Gospel of Jesus Christ through unique and dramatic events offered free to the public.  The first annual production of “The Cavern of Choices” was presented in 2011. The drama reenacts teenage rendezvouses at the mines involving drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity and violence. Partly inspired by C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, the production presents a unique Christian perspective on the importance of good life decisions as well as consequences of bad ones. The free show attracts thousands of visitors with hundreds professing of its life-changing impact.


The Christmas Cave was first offered in 2016 and has quickly grown into our most visited event.  Tens of thousands have

made this unique telling of the Savior’s birth part of their annual Christmas tradition.  In 2021 the Easter Cave was added to tell the rest of the Lord’s Story focusing on his death, burial and resurrection as well as his acts as recorded in the Gospels.




Admission to The Christmas Cave, Cavern of Choices and Easter Cave is free! A $1 per person donation is appreciated at the entrance to the cave, but no one will ever be turned away. All proceeds are used for improvements and additions to our positive community events.

Outside Accessibility

There are several different hills to walk up to the entrance of the Mine. Our spring project is to create handicap accessibility to the entrance from the parking lot. Stay tuned.

Inside Accessibility

We use low-lighting and colorful shadowing for dramatic effect. This is a walking tour through the tunnel passageways for well over 30 minutes. The terrain inside is gravel. There are benches throughout for guests that need a break. Also, children can be pushed in stable strollers with good wheels, but not the lightweight "umbrella" stroller.

NO Pets Allowed

Only a trained service animal will be allowed entry to assist their disabled owner. This is strictly enforced. *No pets will be allowed to enter.


Reservations are not needed for The Christmas Cave or Easter Cave but if you are coming by travel bus, advance notice is helpful for parking purposes. Limited group reservations available for Cavern of Choices.

Age Limit

The story of Easter and Christmas is for all ages but we understand reason for concern in some areas. Jesus is scourged and also there is a crucifixion in the Easter exhibit but it is in the far distance. You can walk on by a scene at your discretion. The Cavern of Choices depicts real life, intense situations with eternal consequences. We strongly recommend ages 10 and older for this event.

Event Style

The Easter and Christmas Cave is self-guided and a lot of walking. We greet you at the door and have staff throughout to help as needed, but you may visit at your own pace. The path is clearly marked and safe inside. Enjoy a slow-down together with family and friends as you are reminded of what this season is all about. The Cavern of Choices is a guided tour with a dark tour guide, parents we strongly recommend 10 years and older for this intense drama.

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