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Experience Wonder At White Gravel Mines!

Find out what White Gravel Mines has in store for you by visiting today! See the event offerings such as The Easter Cave, The Christmas Cave, Cavern of Choices, and more!


Discover Our Unique Events.

Every year, we offer several free events. From the Christmas Cave to The Easter Cave and more, explore what's happening at White Gravel Mines. Mark your calendars and join us for unforgettable experiences!

The Christmas Cave
The Easter Cave
Cavern of Choices

The Christmas Cave 2024

Nov & Dec

Visit and experience this unique telling of the Savior’s birth and make it part of your annual Christmas tradition.


The Easter Cave 2024

Mar & Apr

Reflect on what Jesus did for you through a unique telling of Christ’s death and resurrection.


Cavern Of Choices 2024


Experience a unique Christian perspective concerning the importance of good decisions and the consequences of bad ones.


Plan Your Visit.

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See What Our Community Says About Us.

Read the experiences and memories shared by our visitors. Get inspired and see why White Gravel Mines is a must-visit destination for all ages.

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The Christmas Cave


This was my family's first but certainly not last visit. We all loved the displays. More importantly, the messages were so moving. When you visit you must take the time to read everything. So beautifully done. Thanks to all for their hard work. We pack our weeks leading to Christmas with many displays and events and this was our family's favorite!

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Cavern Of Choices


This was awesome!!! Love the meaning behind the story. I am sure not one person went away without thinking about what the decisions they make could lead to..... Truly an awesome job in showing the reality of the forces we are up against and why it’s so important to stay close to Jesus! Love it! Can’t wait until next year!

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The Easter Cave


Another great production! Each scene was beautifully displayed with amazing artwork. Bible references were displayed with each scene, and how each is relevant in today’s world. A couple of scenes were absolutely breathtaking (the empty tomb for one), and the different art forms (chalk??) were a topic for conversation also. A lot of talent, time, thought, and vision went into this display. Very impressive and very touching.

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